Uniswap Foundation and other leading institutions help “Star Casting Project” to achieve ACF global value enhancement

Recently, the Uniswap Foundation, YFI Kojin Laboratory, and the American Wall Street investment giant Blackstone Group announced a strong alliance with the ACF full-stack meta-universe financial agreement and reached a strategic cooperation. Jointly build the “Star Casting Project” of the macro-world of Metaverse, and build a global autonomous community alliance based on the DAO governance contract. It is particularly worth noting that Uniswap will invest 500,000 UNIs to support ACF’s development of a decentralized financial ecosystem on Metaverse.

Uniswap is the largest decentralized exchange in the DeFi field and one of the top applications of Ethereum. Uniswap is undoubtedly the leader of DEX due to the explosion of Uniswap and the substantial increase in transaction volume. Uniswap stated that it will invest 500,000 UNIs to build an ACF liquidity pot through a new economic model.

According to the latest data from debank, the total lock-up volume of DeFi has reached US$258.9 billion, a year-on-year increase of 1621%. The 24-hour transaction volume of the head project Uniswap is close to US$1 billion and the number of users reached 2.79 million. After several years of development, the existing DeFi projects on the market have reached a certain scale due to the basic maturity of technology and business, and have withstood the test of the market, attracting the favor of many investors. Uniswap Foundation also assists the early development of many high-quality projects with its unique investment vision.

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Uniswap is different from traditional exchanges. It provides a liquidity pool for the exchange of ETH and ERC20 tokens. It uses smart contracts to implement a decentralized trust trading mechanism. It does not custody users’ assets. There are no registration, identity verification and withdrawal restrictions, etc. Freely deposit tokens for exchange, transaction users do not need to perform pending orders, realize buy and sell on demand, free withdrawal, increase transaction speed and speed up confirmation time, and optimize user transaction experience.

The ACF full-stack Meta universe financial protocol is a community-driven digital product that builds a decentralized economy, allowing players to control what they do in a decentralized open source world. In terms of financial services and exchanges, the ACF full-stack Meta universe financial protocol will play another important role here.

The ACF full-stack Meta universe financial protocol is built using TRX, which is composed of a Solidity language decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and a web-side decentralized application (dApp). ACF proposed the Metaverse 4+N investment framework, from the direction of the underlying architecture, back-end infrastructure, front-end equipment, scene content, etc., digital products driven by the community to build a decentralized economy, allowing players to control their decentralized What is done in the open source world. ACF has reproduced a set of financial systems on the blockchain by proceduralizing financial contracts, providing players with a variety of applications including stablecoins, lending, exchanges, derivatives, fund management, lottery, payment, and insurance.

In this strategic cooperation, major institutions are unanimously optimistic about the ACF “Star Casting Project” and jointly form the ACF Metaverse Global Community Alliance. ACF aims to open the door to the meta universe world through the “Star Casting Project” and connect real-world financial applications with the meta universe world. The ACF Global Autonomous Community Alliance will be composed of all the participants of the Casting Star Project, which will reflect all consensus through the DAO governance contract, and collectively govern the ACF full-stack meta-universe financial agreement. The ACF “Star Casting Project” will also continue to bring greater benefits to ACF participants around the three cores of stability, endurance and multiplication.

The ACF Global Community Alliance has built a high degree of consensus and will realize a decentralized financial ecology through the meta-universe world. The smooth development of the “Star Casting Project” is an important part of ACF’s global value enhancement. The ACF full-stack meta universe financial agreement will reach a trillion market value just around the corner.

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